Aashray For Sick and Helpless Animals

(A Charitable Trust Since 21th June 2011. Registration No. 4/75/329/-360/147)

(Exemption Under Section 80 G)

Who we are?

Mrs. Abha Singh

My name is Abha Singh. Seeing the injured or sick animals lying helpless used to disturb me so much that I decided to do something for them. With the help of my school staff I get the animals picked up & either call a Vet or get the animal carried to the Vet Hospital,uptill now I have treated number of Dogs, Cows, Bulls Donkeys and even electrocuted Monkeys mainly in Trans Varuna area since I reside in this part. But my effort is like a drop in the ocean It's a mammoth task and in a place like Varanasi,I require support in creating a infrastructure. I felt the need to do the work in a bigger & organized manner & hence joined the ABC Project Management Training at International Training Centre run by Worldwide Veterinary Service,India at Ooty in May this year. I then formed a charitable Trust,"Aashray for Sick & Helpless Animals" under Indian Trust Act at Varanasi, on 21st June 2011 with 4 women as its trustees & its registration number is 147/11.

We are so starved / short of funds that we cannot afford a full time veterarian / vet doctor for our organisation Aashray, So Dr. Vinod Kumar , who is persuing P.H.D from Kolkata and its kind enough to visit varanasi twice a month & treats large no. of animals. Master Of Surgeon Mr. Vinod Kumar from Kolkata. We are having a very small team but with full dedication and with the never ending determination and hardwork for animals who cant even share their griefs and sorrows. All of us want to help those sick and helpless animals who screams silently for help, many people see them show sympathy for them but very few stand forward and help them.

The large population of street dogs is a result of our society's negligence of timely addressing the problem in a scientific, humane and effective manner. Worldwide research has shown that the only humane and effective way to reduce scale. This involves the surgical sterilization of dogs so that they are not able to reproduce. Dogs are also vaccinated against rabies so that the spread of this disease is controlled. The Govt. of India has formulated the Animal Birth Control (ABC) (Dogs) Rules, 2001 for controlling the population of the street dogs in a scientific & humane manner. Under this programme, the Government of India provides part financial assistance for sterilization and immunization of stray dogs to the Municipalities and NGOs/AWOs (Animal Welfare Organizations) for implementing the above scheme. Several Municipal bodies in the country have undertaken the ABC/AR programme and have shown successful results whereby the dog populations have been controlled and there are lower incidences of rabies cases, such as Jaipur, Chennai, Delhi and Bangalore. The ABC/AR programme is also in conformity with the 'Guidelines for Dog Population Management' published by the World Health Organization and World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) in 1990. Our organisation ASHA (Aashray for Sick & Helpless Animals) is keen to work with the Varanasi MC in order to help implement this programme in Varanasi and thereby improve both public health as well as animal welfare in our historic city