Aashray For Sick and Helpless Animals

(A Charitable Trust Since 21th June 2011. Registration No. 4/75/329/-360/147)

(Exemption Under Section 80 G)

Mission & Visison:


Aashray was started with the sole aim of bringing about some relief in the lives of sick, injured, old & deserted animals. Also we do many treatment camps on the Ghats & densely populated areas of the old part of town. We also distribute pamphlets to make people aware about animals & also to contact us on the helpline if they see an animal suffering. It is changing things for the better because people don’t mind calling us to inform about an animal in distress as long as they don’t have to spend money & bring the animal to the shelter. We have made a good network of volunteers too. The animal loving community of Varanasi, pet owners and frequent tourists that are animal lovers, are starting to appreciate the work done by Aashray.


Varanasi also known as Kashi, is a holy city that is visited by tourists from all over the world. If they found the animals healthy, sterilized & vaccinated, they would carry a positive image of the city. Also since Varanasi is not a suburban town but one which spends a lot of time on the streets, that humane relationship between the population and street animals is also extremely important, that we try to cultivate. In case of a hospital the street animals will have a place for treatment & the pet owners will also have a place to get their dogs treated. We strive to provide a safe and secure environment to all animals and to help them to lead a good and healthy life. We aslo wish to stop animal abusers from exploiting,mutilating and killing helpless animals. We work to change and improve the living conditions of the animals through education in schools, informing the public opinion and rescuing animals.