Aashray For Sick and Helpless Animals

(A Charitable Trust Since 21th June 2011. Registration No. 4/75/329/-360/147)

(Exemption Under Section 80 G)

About us:

What is Aashray?

We started a charitable trust “Aashray” Under Indian Trust Act at Varanasi on 21st june 2011 Its registration number is 147/11. Its also has got 80 G certificate under Income Tax Act which provides 50% tax rebate to the donor. Ours is a small establishment which is run in the parking are of our school run in Varanasi. Through our infrastructure is still at a very basic level but our passion and grit to improve the condition of animals, in the city of Varanasi is rock solid. The founder of Aashray Mrs. Abha Singh has a benevolent heart & she works extremely hard to make a change is fully committed for the upliftment of animals who are trudging their life’s journey in pain and misery. Seeing the injured or sick animals lying helpless used to disturb her so much that she decided to do something for them. With the help of her school staff she got the animals picked up & either call a Vet or get the animal carried to the Vet Hospital and made the medical treatment