Aashray For Sick and Helpless Animals

(A Charitable Trust Since 21th June 2011. Registration No. 4/75/329/-360/147)

(Exemption Under Section 80 G)

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Caring of Animals

AASHRAY has very small and humble setup like the shelter for small animals like cats, dogs, monkeys, birds etc. is in the parking area of one branch of school; whereas big animals like calves, cows, bulls, donkeys, horses etc. ....

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Our shelter is also connected to a hospital for all animals that come in with various illnesses that are in need of immediate treatment. This naturally puts new admissions at risk of infection. Baby animals are particularly vulnerable and are also hungry for affection since they were orphaned when t ....

Animal rights

Our Living free team have reached out 250 student in 9th std level at Ab's Rowland Higher Secondary school, Shivpur. We have had great interaction with student and discussed on animal rights. Students were really interested on living free booklets. ....

Animal Shelter: Shivpur Bypass Airport Road
Varanasi.Uttar Pradesh, India. 221002

Mobile:+91-9839309337, +91-09918800802
Email: abhafirst@gmail.com